Thursday 16 May 2013

Trevor Sorbie Catwalk To Salon Event

Yesterday after work I got home, touched up my makeup and hair (which was a little bit of a waste of time as it was pouring down with rain and I had no umbrella!) and got picked up by the lovely Laura. Off we went into Brighton to meet up with some other lovely bloggers for an event at the Trevor Sorbie salon.
Me and Laura were a tad early so after a quick look in Boots (The BarryM stand had been stripped so hopefully the new polishes were going in!) we started to make our way down to the salon but as we were still early we sat in Starbucks for a little chat. After a little bit we made our way into the salon and was greeted by Lisa & Clare and were offered a drink. We both went for a cheeky white wine.
Soon enough the rest of the girls turned up and we were treated to two demonstrations of some catwalk hair that both Anna and Fergal had worked on during London and Paris fashion week.

Anna treated us to this 70's inspired look from the Marc Jacobs A/W 2013 London Fashion Week show. She explained that where was a lot of time inspired looks this year but a lot were 80's or 90's and that Marc Jacobs went different with using the 70's. Also a far side parting is going to be all the trend for later in the year so they included this within the look. I loved the look of this but don't know if I would be brave enough to wear it out but Anna did recommend not to tease it as much to make a smaller version better for a night out.

The look Fergal recreated was The Wet Look Sporty Ponytail from the Peter Pilotto A/W 2013 show from London Fashion Week. This look was created with water, mousse and oil to create the wet look. The key to this look was the placement of the ponytail. Too high and it gives off a girly look, too low and it just wouldn't look sporty. The most interesting part of this look was how the ponytail was finished off. Not with just a normal hairband but with a length of elastic, wound round the ponytail to make it stick out of the head. Resembled to an actual pony's tail where it comes away from the head gives it that sporty look. Then the ends are drenched in water and oil to help keep it looking wet throughout the show.

The two finished looks.

After a little chat we were treated to the chance to have our hair done. We were asked if we wanted to bring pictures along of any catwalk hair styles we liked and maybe wanted to recreate. I chose a picture I found of Cara Delevingne with a kind of soft beehive with loose waves.

I had the pleasure of Fergal completing this look on me and boy did he do a good job.

I absolutely love it and only wish I was this creative with my own hair at home although Fergal did talk me through it and give me a few hints and tips so I may try and recreate this at home at some point!

Girlies getting their hair done.

Lauren from BelleDuBrighton having her hair curled.

 Hannah from HVA Beauty and Style getting her hair braided!

I had an amazing night and we were even given a little goody bag on our exit which I'll post about another time as this is already quite a lengthy post! And even more generous we have been offered a free colour, cut and blowdry! I was so shocked when we found out as I am not a natural blonde so am in desperate need to get my roots done!

If you live in or near the Brighton area I definitely recommend popping into the salon. It's such a relaxed environment, that mixed with the amazing friendly staff is sure to make for an enjoyable time at the hairdressers!

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  1. love this! your hair looks dreamful!X XX

  2. blimey you got this up quick, was lovely to see you again :) Genuinely wish it wasnt raining on the way home though, my lovely waves didnt look as good when I got in :(

    1. It was lovely seeing you! Can't wait to meet the little one either! xx

  3. Great blog! Thanks for coming along- hope to see you soon.

    1. Thank you Kate. I'll be seeing you on Wednesday!! :) xx


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