Wednesday 22 May 2013

Green People Zap & Clear Serum Review

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I struggle with my skin. Like I've said before I in no way feel I have the worst skin ever and I am aware there are others out there suffering from Acne but for me personally I'm not happy with my skin. I suffer constantly from breakouts, just when I get rid of one another 3 appear. So when I was contacted by Green People and offered to try out their new spot serum I couldn't say yes quick enough! I didn't know anything about Green People when I first heard from them so after a little bit of research online I was pleased to find out what they were all about. The company was set up by a mother, Charlotte Vøhtz after her daughter was suffering badly from eczema. She went on the search for natural based skin care products but was shocked to find most products that claimed to be 'natural' could contain up to 99.9% synthetic chemicals. She started making her own home made products and was so impressed with them she wanted to share her discoveries with others thus Green People were born.

Green People Zap & Clear Serum* 10ml £9.85 available here.

Firstly the packaging is nice and simple which is something I really love in a product. The next thing that caught my eye was 'organic'. It's always nice when you can find good products from natural sources. This product is 88% Organic Ingredients Certified. The product itself is a thin lightweight gel which has a light citrus scent to it. The key ingredients are Black Willow Bark which has powerful activity against bacteria associated with acne, Organic Aloe Vera which we all know helps to sooth and reduce redness, rosehip, chamomile and tea tree.  The directions tell you to dab gently on affected areas several times a day. I applied this in the morning and by lunch I noticed that the couple of spots I had weren't as red anymore and after a couple of days had dramatically reduced in size. The tube is small and light so perfect to throw in your bag or makeup bag to use on the go.

Overall I am happy with this product and would definitely repurchase it. I am aware that everyone's skin is different so this may not be best for everyone but you don't know until you try and to be honest it's not a bank breaking product to buy.

Have you tried Green People before?

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6 lovelies have something to say:

  1. I literally can't live without this now, nothing else clears up my skin quite like it! Glad you got on well with it :)
    Carrie xxx

    1. If you love this have you tried the Origins Spot Remover?? That stuff is amazing also! :) xx

  2. Me too! I LOVE this product more than anything! it really helps banish those nasty spots and also helps keep new ones from appearing! can't live without this gem! xx

  3. I've been enjoying some products by green people lately. My only problem is the scent, it smells too organic.... hahah

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Only you Sophie, smells too organic ha :) xx


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