Tuesday 30 October 2012


Hello Lovelies...

I previously announced the winner but they never contacted me so I had to re pick.
So without further ado *drumroll please* the winner is....

*Sophie R*

Sophie if you could email me your address to adele.pook.90@googlemail.com then I can send the prize out to you!

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Tuesday 23 October 2012

bareMinerals 2012 Holiday Products

Evening Lovelies

Since were nearing that festive period I thought I would do a little series of posts about all the lovely brands Christmas/Holiday sets/products. I did a post about 1 of the 5 new MAC collections a couple of days ago so if you want to check that out just click here.
But tonight post is going to be on bareMinerals 2012 holiday products. Which are all limited edition so get in there whilst you can girls!

READY Luminizer
Available in 2 shades; 'The Love Affair' & 'The Shining Moment'

On their site they say that this product enhances your complexion with a radiant, lift-from-within glow. 'The Love Affair' has a pink nectar glow whilst 'The Shining Moment' is a golden champagne colour.

Price: £26

READY Eyeshadow 8.0 - The Star Treatment
Shades included; Kudos (Luminous Golden Grey), Elitist (Glistening Olive), Ritzy (Shimmering Cocoa),
Connoisseur (Golden Copper), VIP (Gold-Flecked Black), Extravagance (Golden Glow), Carte Blanch (Icy Ivory), Bragging Rights (Shimmering Rose Gold).

On their site it says these eyeshadows provides vivid, long-wearing colour in a silky texture for seamless blendability. You also get a mini Prime Time which is their eye primer, which the site describes as maximizes the intensity and staying power of eyeshadows for crease-proof, fade-proof looks.

Price: £35

Scene Stealer
Kit includes; Prime Time Primer Shadow in Pink Sugar (shimmering pink), size 3ml, 
Round The Clock Waterproof Eyeliner in 1AM (metallic black), size 1.2g, 
Pretty Amazing Lipcolor in Pizzazz (crushed raspberry), size 4ml and 
Instant Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, size 47ml.

Get a party perfect look in just 5 minutes with this snazzy little collection for dramatic eyes and luscious lips. Including the brand new waterproof eye makeup remover for on the go change ups.

Price: £26

Main Attraction
Kit includes; Stay Golden Eyecolor (glazed gold), size 0.57g,
Round The Clock Waterproof Eyeliner in 3AM (shimmering black), size 1.2g,
Natural Lipgloss in Sprinkles (diamond shimmer), size 4.2ml,
Instant Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, size 47ml
and a Mini Contour Shadow Brush.

This 5 piece stunner of a collection will totally transform you into the glitzy party girl you have always dreamed of being. This look will make you the centre of attention at every party and your be party ready in a flash.

Price: £26

Light Up The Room
Kit includes; Well-Rested Face & Eye Brightener in Clear, size 3ml - KIT EXCLUSIVE,
Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer, size 3ml,
Renew & Hydrate Eye Cream, size 7ml and
Illuminating Mineral Veil® Finishing Powder, size 2g.

You can have it all with this 4-piece glowing collection for eyes and face. From an instantly brighter complexion to hydrated and luminous eyes, this collection leaves you fresh-faced and fabulous in the blink of an eye.

Price: £29

All these products are available from the bareMinerals website here as well as many other distributors.

Have you tried any bareMinerals make up before? Do you like their products?

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Saturday 20 October 2012

MAC 2012 Holiday/Christmas Collections #1: Glamour Daze

Hello Lovelies...

I'm crazy when it comes to makeup collections, even more so when they are Christmas makeup collections. So I was mega excited to see what MAC had to offer this year with their 5 (YES 5!!!) Christmas collections. I've heard through the grapevine that the release date for the UK is beginning of November but of course these release dates can change all the time! I will do all 5 collections in separate posts as I don't want to bore you all!

Let's take a more in depth look...

Easy Manner (Peach) / I'm The One (Blue Toned Pink) / Small Vanity (Pink Tan)

Fluidline (Gel Eyeliner)
Catch My Eye (Grey with Pearl) / Feminine Edge (Pink with Pearl)
/ Little Black Bow (Charcoal with Pearl)

Kohl Power Eye Pencil
Raven (Black with Red Pearl) / Orpheus (Black with Gold Pearl)
/ Mystery (Black with Green Pearl) / Feline (Black with Black Pearl)

Extra Dimension Eye Shadows
Ready To Party (Pale Lilac) / A Natural Flirt (Peachy Bronze) / Evening Grey (Silver)

Divine Blue (Aqua) / Stylishly Merry (Pinky Violet)
Stolen Moment (Dark Taupe) / Tall, Dark & Handsome (Pearlie Black)

Impossibly Sweet (Soft Pink with Multidimensional Pearl)
Pink Fade (Creamy Baby Pink) / Talk Softly To Me (Creamy Coral)
Deliciously Demure (Brown with Pearl) / Flight Of Fancy (Deep Purple)

Beauty (A pale cool pink) / Innocence (A soft coral with a frosty finish)
Outrageously Fun (A mid-tone magenta-violet) / Glamourdaze (A creamy plum)
Dramatic Encounter (A rich, amplified purple)

False Lashes (Black)

Nail Polish
Endless Night (Pinky Beige With Iridescent Pearl) / In The Limelight (Mint Green)
Girl Trouble (Taupe Pink) / Everything That Glitters (Black with Multidimensional Glitter)

Extra Dimension Skin Finish
Whisper Of Gilt (White Gold with Shimmer) / Superb (Rose Gold with Shimmer)
Both Re-promotes

So what do we think? I know there are a fair few things I want to buy!
Watch out for the next post on Christmas collection #2!

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Thursday 18 October 2012

*Jergens Original Beauty Lotion Review

Hello Lovelies...

Coming into the cold winter months a lot of us will probably start to find our skin becoming quite dry and in dire need of some moisture.

I go through phases with body lotions where I become let's say...a little lazy! I just can't be bothered especially in winter when all I want to do after I've got out the shower is jump into my warm cozy pj's and curl up on the sofa.

So what really entices me into using body lotions is the scent. If it smells yummy I want to smell like it! And very few body lotions I have tried beat *Jergens Original Beauty Lotion. It has a cherry almond scent, think cherry bakewells!

The texture is the best I've found, lightweight and absorbs right into the skin quickly so you don't have to sit around waiting for ages. It hydrates without leaving a greasy film behind on your skin.

Jergens Original Beauty Lotion - £3.49/200ml and is available from Boots.

Has anyone tried this before?

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Wednesday 17 October 2012

CoutureGirl 2000 Follower Giveaway...

Evening Lovelies...

Just a quick post tonight to make you aware of a lovely girls blog and her fantastic giveaway after gaining a spectacular 2000 followers is Kayleigh over at CoutureGirl.

She writes an amazing blog and she well deserves her 2000 followers and more for the future.

Above is her picture of all the prizes up for grabs.

Click below to go straight to her Giveaway post..

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(All pictures were sourced from Kayleigh's blog, CoutureGirl.)

Followers To Friends Blog Hop 11

Morning Lovelies...

If any of you are up when this is posted (it's 5AM in the UK) then welcome to the Followers to Friends Blog Hop. If you have never come across one of these before it's very simple. A blog hop is a post/site where you can discover fabulous new blogs and it's a way for you to get your blog out in the open for other people to discover. So enjoy, read the rules and happy discovering...

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Saturday 13 October 2012

Bourjois 1 Second Nail Polish Remover Review

Hello Lovelies

Hope everyone is well! Now isn't the title of this post a bit of a mouthful ha. But that is exactly what this post is.

I know I am a bit late on the beauty bloggersphere to be reviewing this product as everyone and their mothers have already done so. But I do love this product and have lived by it the past couple of months so I thought what the heck Im going to review it.

It is 100% the best nail polish remover I have ever used (it even is the best I've used to remove glitter polishes which we all know are a pain in the butt to remove.) I know when this was first released it was major hard to get hold of. Everytime I went to buy it, it was sold out everywhere! Luckily I got my hands on a bottle and I am so glad I did as I haven't stopped using it since.

Now why is it so amazing??
Basically its a pot with a sponge inside soaked in polish remover. The sponge has a hole in the middle where you insert your finger and twist (I tried so hard to not make this sound dirty but it's impossible!!)

The only thing I would change about this product is maybe the name? It obviously takes longer then 1 minute to remove. I would say 2-3 twists and the polish comes right off. Glitter polishes take a few more twists.

The scent is Red Fruit and Vanilla. Now don't make the same mistake I did and sniff the pot because I almost threw up. Inside the pot smells of straight up polish remover/alcohol. After you've removed the polish and your fingers have dried that's when the scent kicks in.

This costs a little bit more then your standard polish remover but is so worth it.

Have you tried this? Did you like or dislike it?

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Friday 12 October 2012

DIY Ombre Nails

Evening Lovelies...

Tonight's quick post is just to show you something I've had a quick dab hand at... 
Ombre Nails.
I have yet to attempt these on my own nails but my mum has happily let me practice on her. I did a blue ombre look a couple of weeks ago and decided as Halloween is fast approaching I thought I would attempt a 'candy corn' inspired design.

I know its a little messy but this is only my second attempt at ombre nails. I use the sponge method. The three polishes I used were  OPI 'Need Sunglasses?', Nails Inc 'Candy Orange' and OPI 'OPI On Collins Avenue'.

And heres a close up..

I hope that I will get better with practice and will probably post more designs when I try them.

What do you think of the ombre nail craze? Do you like it? Have you tried it?

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Wednesday 10 October 2012

OPI Skyfall Collection

Hello lovelies...

Today's post is all about the new OPI James Bond Skyfall Collection. Now as much as I would love to tell you all I own every colour from this collection but I sadly do not.

We have a OPI stand at my work and have had this collection in for a few days so I've had the pleasure of drooling over some of these colours in real life. I don't know about you guys but I have a little bit of a hatred for nail polishes that don't have names. Instead they just have a number or is just called 'Blue' or 'Pink'. So I love that these polishes are named after Bond films. 

1. GoldenEye
2. Casino Royale
3. Moonraker
4. The Spy Who Loved Me
5. Live and Let Die
6. On Her Majestys Secret Service
7. Skyfall
8. Tomorrow Never Dies
9. Die Another Day
10. The World Is Not Enough
11. You Only Live Twice
12. The Living Daylights
13. The Man With The Golden Gun 18k Gold Top Coat
14. Skyfall Minis

So what colour is your favourite?? Have you purchased any yet? I can't decide which ones I want!!

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Sunday 7 October 2012

Gucci Première Review

Hello Lovelies...

Today I am going to review the newest collection to the Gucci fragrance range: Gucci Première. I purchased this fragrance a couple of months back in July and have been in love with it ever since.

“Première will be the female counterpart to the male Gucci by Gucci,” 
- Luigi Feola, Vice President of Procter & Gamble Prestige.

Referring to this quote is why I guess the design of the bottle is very similar to Gucci by Gucci for men just replaced with a shiny gold finish. It's not quite so opaque that you can't see the liquid inside yet annoyingly still leaves fingerprints on the bottle. I love that even with it just sitting on my perfume tray I feel all elegant and posh ha.

It is made up of the following:-
Top Notes: Bergamot & Orange Blossom
Heart Notes: White Flowers & Musk
Base Notes: Leather & Wood

This isn't a usual fragrance for me as I prefer quite light & fruity fragrances such as Juicy Couture & Boss Orange. But it definitely works as a night time/going out fragrance of mine and that's exactly when I've been wearing it.

The face of the fragrance is the ever so beautiful Blake Lively. Just like many advertisements for fragrances at the moment she stars as a glamorous girl in a couture dress staring out of a window of a building which resembles the bottle of the fragrance with a cracking soundtrack behind her.

It is available in 30ml (£44.50), 50ml (£63.50) and 75ml (£76.50). You can purchase it from The Fragrance Shop (link). I know it's quite a pricey fragrance but it is well worth it. Plus it does come in handy that I work in Duty Free at Gatwick so I get it tax free!

Have you tried this fragrance? What are your thoughts on it?

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Saturday 6 October 2012

*Jergens Package...

Hello Lovelies....

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I am back this evening with a post about Jergen's. I was contacted by the lovely Marina and was asked if I would like to try the *Jergens Original Scent moisturiser. I have tried other Jergen products and have loved them so I was too excited to pass this opportunity up. So to my delight I returned home today to discover this little beaut of a package.

Inside was the cutest little jewels. First obviously was a bottle of Jergens Original Beauty Lotion which is cherry almond scented which relates to all the other items in the box. And OMG I've ever smelt anything as nice as this lotion. I can't wait to try this and review it so look out for that post in the future.

Alongside the lotion was all things cherry and almond related. There were some Cherry Bakewells although mine had been through the wars with the postman but alas still edible!! 3 packets of Cherry Drops which just so happen to be my favourite sweet. And in a cute little bag was sugared almonds!

Also I wanted to make my followers aware that Jergens Facebook are running a competition whereby a lucky Jergens fan can win a designer handbag, a designer scarf, a pair of designer shoes and the complete range of Jergens moisturisers including the Original Beauty Lotion. I've already entered and so should you to be in for the chance to win!! Just click below to go straight to their facebook page.

Hope you have enjoyed this post and again look out for the review post of this product.

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