Saturday 2 February 2013

House Of Fraser Dress Campaign

I love dress shopping! When an occasion comes about where I need to purchase a new dress I get all excited. Whether it be a birthday, night out, christening or wedding I love the feel of wondering around shops looking for the perfect dress! I was contacted to see if I would help out with the 'House Of Fraser: Dress Campaign' and if I could pick out a couple of my favourite dresses from their site, so of course I said yes! I picked a variety of different price range dresses from bank breaker to affordable. So let me show you my top 4, and if you want to browse these lovely dresses then click the link!

 Dress 1. Aftershock Clarice Maxi Dress £315.00
This is the highest priced dress I picked. Although I don't think I could ever afford a deluxe dress like this I think it is absolutely incredible! I love the colours of the dress and the detail on the top half. And particularly for me, I'm not a big fan of my legs so maxi dresses are a big win in my books.

My next higher priced dress is this gorgeous daisy dress. Now I know it's called a prom dress and I'm 7 years older from my prom but I kinda guessed you could wear this dress for anything. If I had the money I would buy it simply for summer because it would just look so pretty but I also thought it would be nice as a wedding dress/bridesmaid dresses if you didn't want to go for the traditional wedding dress.

I love monochrome clothes. I especially love how this dress is designed with the white paneling and the coral coloured skinny belt. This would be a great dress to wear out for a birthday or just a night out (if it was just a little bit more affordable!).

This is the cheapest dress of the four. And I definitely see this as a Christmas party / New Years Eve dress choice. It is also available in black sequin but I think I prefer the Burgundy as it's very on trend at the moment and is just a bit more out there rather then black. I would also love to have this as a dress for my birthday on a night out, definitely a party girl dress.

Did you see anything you liked? I think my favourite has to be the Burgundy Sequin dress.
Visit the 'House Of Fraser' site to see these lovely dresses and more.

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  1. House of Fraser have some really gorgeous clothes! The ones you picked out are lovely. In particular I like the last one!

    Kimberley x


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