Tuesday 5 February 2013

butter London Spring 2013 Nail Polish

Spring 2013, Please Hurry. I can't wait for Spring to properly arrive so I can not nearly freeze to death every day! Also exciting for Spring is new collections!! Whether it be nails, makeup or clothes I get excited to see whats on it's way. The major trend with nails this year seems to be pastels. A lot of companies are all releasing pastel shades. I thought I'd show you what butter London has up for grabs already...

Described on the site as 'A toasted opaque tan creme colour. Both a perfect neutral and statement maker in one.' I love neutral brown colours and so far the only one I own is Barry M Mushroom.

Described as 'An opaque icy mint creme colour'. From the picture it looks a lot like a tiffany blue kind of colour. I own Revlons 'Minted' which is probably the closest.

Fruit Machine
Described as 'Opaque punchy carnation creme colour' What else is there to say about this, It's pink and I LOVE IT!! Although I don't own anything like this as it's a pink/purple so think this may be my favourite!

Described as a 'Opaque bright pastel yellow creme colour'. The only yellow I own is OPI's 'Need Sunglasses?' and I still struggle to wear it so not sure this would make a good debut in my collection.

It's description is a 'Opaque pink coral colour'. Simply a lovely spring/summer colour. And usually these colours can sometimes help you appear more tanned which is a bonus!

Molly Coddled
'Opaque lavender orchid creme colour'. This sounds like such a luscious colour and will look amazing in Summer when the says are filled with sunshine and heat! 

All these colours are available from the butter London website, Boots or Harvey Nichols.

Which is your favourite?

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5 lovelies have something to say:

  1. cuppa and jasper are definite faves!


  2. ooh i love all of these!! such gorgeous shades and i am loving pastels at the moment :D

  3. These look lovely! I love pastel nail varnishes! :)


  4. Cuppa and Fiver are really pretty colors.

    By the way, I just found your blog and I realy like it (=

    Maria xx


  5. There all so cute xx

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