Wednesday 13 February 2013

John Greed Jewellery's Valentine’s Day Blogger Challenge

After the success of their Pandora Blogger Challenge John Greed Jewellery has decided to do another Blogger Challenge, this time around Valentine's Day and on everything on their site. 1 Blogger will win the chance to win every jewellery item they wish for for Valentine's Day. So what do we have to do?

To qualify to win just create a mood board with all your favourite pieces of jewellery from the site that you would love to get for Valentine's Day up to the value of £250. You must have a minimum of 4 items. So onto my selection...

The reason I picked this comes with a little story. A couple of years ago I really wanted a Pandora bracelet but could never afford one. Then after a while I realized how many people had them and for some reason this completely turned me off them. Then I got a Thomas Sabo bracelet for my 21st from my sister. It felt unique because not a lot of people I know own or have even heard of the brand. This bracelet is different to the one I own so it will be nice to have it.

So the reason behind this is I only own one nice quality ring which I wear all the time. I bought it for myself from Greece way back in 2008 whilst on holiday. Apart from cheap statement rings from Primark I don't own anything else. After browsing the rings I came across the Pandora ones. I've never seen a lot of people wearing the Pandora rings as obviously they are well known for their bracelets. But I'm into darker jewellery and loved the stone in this specific ring.

I promise not everything is Pandora! But again like the Pandora ring I don't own a massive amount of earrings. This is most down to the fact that any cheap earrings that aren't silver irritate my ears and they end up getting infected... I know disgusting right! So I own a pair of Tresor Paris earrings but find I get bored of them if I wear them everyday. I'm hopefully going to buy some more in different colours soon. So I spotted these cute little silver and white earrings and would most definitely like to have these in my collection.

To go with my Charm bracelet I picked out I chose this and one other charm. This charm speaks volumes to me as I suffer majorly from confidence. So when I look at this charm it kinda tells me that it's ok to be me, myself and I! I know this means differently to others, almost being alone I guess but I choose to use it as a positive meaning.

I thought I'd complete the package with a necklace. And to go with the whole Valentine's theme of course I picked a heart pendant. I currently wear a heart necklace that my mum and dad got for my for my 16th birthday from Argos (oh man that was way back in 2006 a whole 7 years ago!!). So of course it's sentimental to me but I would like to have a different option.

As I said earlier I can only really wear silver earrings long term as they don't irritate and infect my ears but I couldn't pass up these cuties. And at such a bargain price who would pass them up. Rose Gold being the big thing right now especially with the infamous Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch I think these would look cute for a day out.

This is the other charm I chose to go with the bracelet and the simple reason I chose this was I love birthstones and anything that represents the month I was born. I love that my birthstone is Ruby!

I hope you like my choices, I thought I would struggle to write my reasons like I normally do but I think I managed to do alright!
The competition ends tomorrow (14th February) so if you haven't already entered quickly go check out the rules HERE and get to it!!

What would you like for Valentine's Day?

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