Friday 22 February 2013

L'Oreal Caresse Lipstick Review

L'Oreal Caresse Lipstick in 06 Aphrodite Scarlet

Another post, another review. Tonight is about the (not so) new line of lipsticks from L'Oreal. The Caresse lippies are available in a variety of colours and lucky for me I work with a L'Oreal counter so I get to try them all out.
The colour in question I picked was number 06 Aphrodite Scarlet. The only way I can describe this colour is a pinky coral. 

When swatched on my hand I absolutely loved it. However for some reason I was disappointed when I applied it to my actual lips. It came out slightly more reddish, and when it comes to red lips I don't like to do it by halves. It has to either be a full bright, bold red lip or go home. So when I applied this to my lip and saw the sheer red of the colour I knew I wouldn't get much use out of it. However I do really love the formula of these lipsticks and still can't wait to try out the other shades available soon.

This lipstick is actually up on my blog sale if any of you fancy giving it a try, click here to go straight to my sale. This plus other shades available from boots for £8.19 and at the moment are on 3 for 2.

Have you tried these lipsticks and in particular this shade? What did you think?

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9 lovelies have something to say:

  1. Omg looove that color!!!


  2. That's a shame it doesn't look as nice on the lips because the swatch on your hand is really pretty! xx

  3. It looks so pretty in the hand swatch! Shame about the overall colour on your lips x

  4. I've never tried these lipsticks, it isn't very good that its a different colour on your lips, it looks a lovely colour on your hand!:) xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  5. This is a really pretty colour!

    Kimberley x

  6. It's really pretty, shame it's not working out for you. :(
    I need to try these caresse, they look fab!! X

  7. Wow! This lipstick is so amazing! Like it so much! : )

  8. This is so pretty! Sucks it didn't work out for you :(!

  9. This is a lovely shade when swatched, reminds me of the new YSL Lipsticks. Lipsticks always come out a different colour on the lips to what they do on your hand, I usually test on my lips by wiping the tester with a tissue and applying it properly to see. If a tissue isn't in sight I will have to swatch on hand and hope for the best!


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