Friday 29 March 2013

Barratts Hi Top Trainers!

Blink Studded High Top Trainers RRP £65*

When I saw on Twitter that Barratts were offering bloggers a chance to review some of their hi top trainers I just couldn't say no. I've wanted some hi tops for a while but have yet to purchase some converses as I'm unsure whether I would actually like them or not (and I've heard from some people that they can really hurt your feet!).
So I browsed on their site of all the hi tops they were offering and finally came to a decision on these babies! And let me tell you there were a lot to choose from.

I chose the Blink Studded High Top Trainers* which unfortunately aren't available on the site anymore. I'm not sure if they are just sold out or gone forever but I know they are available from other sites and also there are a load more different hi tops on the Barratts site. I picked these as we all know studs are very on trend at the moment and the second I saw these I knew I wanted them. They were available in this brown colour and also in black. They arrived very quick and that was with standard delivery! I love the added detail of the studs and it's nice that they aren't all over the shoe as I feel that may be too much. On the inside of the shoe is blank and with a zip fastening.

When I first tried them on when they arrived they felt quite tight and I thought for a second I may have gotten the wrong size and may need the next size up. I have heard with converses that most people buy the next size up (or is it next size down?). But luckily once I had undone and loosened the laces I felt they fit rather comfortably.

I usually like to wear these with leggings and a baggy jumper and some long socks. I am definitely in love with these and wear them whenever I can. These were a bargain at only £18.75 down from the original price of £65!!!  I already have my eye on some more from Barratts so if you fancy grabbing a pair then go visit the site and select from the large variety of Hi Tops available.

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  1. ooh they look really fun and comfy :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Really like these hun, great post!

  3. These are gorgeous, you cant really go wrong with studs at the moment x

  4. these are so cool i love high tops and barratts have some fab ones in at the moment xx

  5. Oh my goodness these look so cool!

    Natasha Carly x
    Pretty Little Lives

  6. WOW! those shoes look amazing! thanks for following my blog btw, I really appreciate it :D your blog is amazing too :D gained a new follow from me! xx


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