Friday 22 March 2013

A Bloggers Night Out At The Lanes Health & Beauty

Last night I got myself ready, donned a nice frock, applied some slap on my face and made my way into Brighton to meet up with some of the lovely beauty bloggers for a evening of pampering at The Lanes Health & Beauty salon. I first met up with Sophie from SophieRoseHearts and Rosie from Everything's Rosie and as we wondered about and finally found the salon we were a tad early but we were invited inside to the amazing salon by owner Julie Coates who couldn't be more warm and welcoming if she tried. We were offered pink champagne and mini cupcakes as me and Sophie sat down to have our nails done whilst Rosie was whisked off to get a quick lesson on how to apply strip lashes. We were taught so many simple things to help get the perfect polish applied like how to file to get the perfect shape, how to pick the right polish colour and other things like you should never do your nails after a bath/shower as your nails expand so once you've painted your nails they shrink back and that's when you get chipping and just a not very nice manicure.
Soon enough more lovely beauty bloggers turned up and the place was buzzing. Everyone talking and swapping what they do for a living (besides beauty blogging!) and then it was time for my mini lesson in applying strip lashes. Now I don't know about you but I can always seem to do one eye but the other just goes to poo. I got loads of tips and tricks on how to do it and the best type of lashes for my eyes.
The salon itself is so gorgeous. All themed around 4 famous hollywood women with each treatment room being named after them. I'm kicking myself now as I didn't actually take any photos of the treatments rooms but let me just say they looked so relaxing I can't wait to book myself in for some treatments.
To see what they offer and prices etc why not go visit the website The Lanes Health and Beauty and see what you fancy. I'm definitely interested in HD Brows and definitely want to go back and get my nails done regularly.

Also if you don't already you should definitely go follow the other lovely beauty girls who also have amazing blogs...


And finally A big thank you to Lisa for organising the event and to Julie (the delightful owner) for holding the event in her amazing salon.

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  1. You got this post up fast! Great post, that photo of me and Laura is cute, might have to steal (;

    Sophie x


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