Tuesday 5 March 2013

Skincare Review - Skinetica

Skinetica Anti-Blemish Skin Treatment*

Recently I've been suffering with my skin and blemishes and if you've read a couple of my past posts I've mentioned my problems in them. I've had a influx of blemishes, when I feel like I'm getting rid of one another one will pop up to say hello. I had tried multiple of potions and lotions before being contacted by the lovely people over at Skinetica and asked if I wanted to try out their Anti-Blemish Skin Treatment.

I'm not going to pretend like I understand all the science behind this product and what's in it which helps reduce the blemishes etc but if you do want to read more into it there's a heap load of info over on their FAQ page
I've been using this for about two and a half weeks and although I have seen a slight difference in my skin I'm not sure if I'm won over. Don't get me wrong I have thoroughly enjoyed using this product and am convinced it works but I'll tell you where my faults lie with it.
When I started using it I used it all over my face as I was suffering from blemishes all over and after a week I noticed a difference on my smaller less visible blemishes. But for bigger, more inflamed blemishes I didn't really see much of a change.
So I would definitely recommend this product to anyone suffering from minor blemishes and will continue to use this but I think for my bigger bad boys I will continue to use my Origins Spot Remover (I wrote a blog post here on my review of it.)
I can't guarantee that this will help you with your blemishes but it's definitely worth giving it a shot, especially since you can request a sample size on their site.
A full size 100ml bottle is available for £9.99 and that includes postage and packaging so from a price point of view it's definitely a bargain.
It can be purchased from their website.

Have you tried this out yet?

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  1. Really nice Skincare Review....this is so much more than i needed!!! but will all come in use thanks!!
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  2. I havent tried this, but now want to!

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