Monday 18 March 2013

NOTD | Glitter Manicure

In my previous nail post I showed you that I had painted my nails with Rimmel 'Aye, Aye Sailor' which is a gorgeous deep blue. I don't know about you guys, sometimes I love the colour of my polish but can get a bit bored but don't want to actually change my polish. Queue flicking through Instagram when I came across a picture on Lo Bosworths account. In case your not aware who she is, if you watched 'Laguna Beach' or 'The Hills' or know of Lauren Conrad (and lets face it who in the beauty community doesn't) then Lo is her best friend and appeared in both programs. Anyway back to my point, she had posted a picture of her manicure in which she had glitter tips. Unlike hers I had no fine glitter to hand so I found my next best alternative, my new glitter polish from Poundland in 'Gold'. Now I know they aren't perfect but it was a rushed job and it was my first attempt. What do you think?

My only disappointment was that it was really difficult to get the actual glitter onto my nail. Most the time I managed to get a whole gloop of clear polish and very little glitter. If anyone has any suggestions on any better polishes which would be easier to use, please leave a comment below so I can try it out.

3 lovelies have something to say:

  1. Nice combination of both, looks fab for a nice out. :-)

    K xx

  2. I love this mani!!! It's gorgeous! I have some trouble with glitter polishes adhering too - but once they're on they look great!

  3. What pretty colors! Lovely blog(: New follower here, you can check out my blog and follow back if you wish



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