Wednesday 17 June 2015

Beauty Tip | Primark Brush Cleaning Companion

Whenever I pop in to town one place I always visit without a doubt is Primark. And as well as spending ages looking through the clothes, shoes and accessories one department I love to look at is the home ware. 
A couple of weeks back I came across this little beauty and instantly thought I could use this for something other than it's actual purpose. We all know the struggle of cleaning makeup brushes and how much we all hate (well some people might find pleasure in the process) when that time rolls around and we need to deep clean but I've found this beauty helps ease the pain. Before I bought the dish drying mat, I could never find tea towels big enough to cope with my mountains of wet brushes and I didn't want to ruin any nice towels I owned. The dish drying mat seems to be the perfect size, well until I buy more brushes anyway. And since it's purpose is to help dry dishes I feel the material helps dry my brushes quicker than normal. I can't quite remember how much this was but knowing Primark it can't of been more than a couple of pounds but I have found similar products on Amazon for not much more here.

Do you have any gadgets or products to help ease the pain of cleaning those pesky brushes?

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