Friday 17 April 2015

Collection | NYX Butter Gloss

Long time now see! I'm not going to get into excuses or reasons why I haven't been about so into the post. I believe I first saw NYX Butter Glosses on youtube when all the beauty gurus from across the pond started raving about them. Sure enough we had to wait months for them to become available and I finally got my hands on them when I went to IMATS last year. From there on my collection started growing with a few purchases on Depop and a little help from my sister working in the states. The reason I love them and would say they are my favourite is because not only are they pigmented they also keep you lips moisturised and have a fair staying period. My next mission is to try the Butter Lipsticks.

Have you tried any shades? If you would like me to show them on let me know in the comments below!

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