Sunday 26 April 2015

Wishlist | New Look

With summer on its way I've been spending my spare time scrolling through various websites looking for some new summer clothes and New Look is where I had most success. I came across a lot of floral prints. crochet and khaki which seems to be the trend for Summer '15.

First two items I didn't think would ever catch my eye as I'm not a very floral person but surprisingly they did. The Palm Leaf Kimono screams summer and puts me in the mood to book a flight to a hot destination and wear this whilst strolling around the island. The Denim Skater Dress is something different to anything I've ever owned. I love the floral print as its quite subtle and not too in your face. The next two tops are 100% me! I love a good slogan tee, especially when the slogan applies to my life. I think the Nothing To Wear slogan would apply to almost every girl. The fact that it's oversized is why I had to include it in my wishlist, I can't stand skintight clothes in the summer. 90% of the time I am sporting the topknot as I can't be bothered to do anything with my hair so this next top was first on my wishlist. Lastly are these Crochet Espadrilles, I always hear people rave about Espadrilles but have never owned a pair myself and these just look so cute!

Have you found any cute clothes for the summer yet?

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