Thursday 25 July 2013

Wishlist Wednesday | USA Edition

I tried to get this posted in time but just missed the midnight deadline so although this is a Wishlist Wednesday post it's going to be posted on a Thursday. I thought for todays post I would do a Wishlist Wednesday but a USA Edition. All these products are items that are unavailable in the UK or really difficult to get hold of without paying a fortune to buy them online.
To start with is the Maybelline The Falsies Big Eye Mascara which I believe is the newest mascara from Maybelline. We have yet to get this in the UK but have heard so many youtubers and bloggers from the across the pond talking about it. It comes with a big brush to do you top lashes with and a little brush for your lower lashes. This is perfect for me as I have minimal lashes on the bottom so find it hard to coat them with mascara without making them go clumpy. I have tried other Maybelline The Falsies mascaras and love them so i'm sure I would love this too. Next is the Sephora Lash Stash which is probably the best idea a makeup brand has come up with. You get five deluxe sample size mascaras from five different brands to trial and test for $25 (with a value of $51). After you have tried them all, in the set comes a voucher for you to take back to Sephora and redeem a full size of one of the five you liked the best. We don't have anything like that in the UK which is probably why I want it so much ha. We get the Maybelline Color Show nail polishes in the UK but I haven't seen the Maybelline Color Show Holographic polishes. There are four shades available and my favourite is the one pictured above Alluring Rose. I love these polishes for the price point as they are only £2.99 but even at a cheap price they are still amazing quality. The L'Oreal The One Sweep Sculpting Bush Duo really remind me of the MAC Blush/Bronzer duos they often release with their limited edition collections but these being L'Oreal are obviously a fraction of the price. There are four shades available and haven't seen any other drugstore/highstreet brand have these to offer. I heard about the Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation from Marissalace on youtube. I would like to try this one because I've never tried any Covergirl makeup and I have never tried anothing other then a liquid or powder foundation. Marissa gave it quite a good review so hopefully one day I'll be able to get hold of it. The next item I do already own one as my cousin brought it back from Las Vegas for me but its the Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsticks. I added these to my wishlist because although I already own one colour there are about 20 shades to pick from so would love to try some more. The Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Glow Blush is another recommendation I got from Marissalace from youtube. Again I've heard so many things about Physicians Formula from the American beauty bloggers and youtubers but haven't had the chance to try anything from them. Last but not least is another Physicians formula product and it's the Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner from the Nudes Collection. I am a neutrals girl through and through so any eyeshadow palette that gives me a full range or browns, golds and ivories is a dream product for me. These come in four different nude palletes and I would love to try any of them!

Have you tried or do you own any of these products? Are there any other products which you can't get hold of in your country that you would like to try? Let me know below in the comments.

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  1. Oh wow, that lash stash looks amazing :) Mascara is definetely my favourite beauty product so I really hope they do something like this in the UK!

  2. There really needs to be a way of getting hold of these things faster/cheaper! I'd really love to try the Color Whisper lipsticks too! :)
    Carrie:Brighton xx


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