Tuesday 23 July 2013

Tips To Help You Sleep In The Heat

Us brits definitely aren't cut out for this hot weather and the point I think most people suffer with is at night trying to get to sleep. I saw a article on Cosmopolitan UK on tips to help you sleep during this hot weather and since it's set to stay for a little bit longer (but we are going to have thunderstorms at last yes!!) I thought it would be good to post these here so you can all hopefully get some help to sleep! Poor quality sleep can not only affect you the following day but has been shown to have detrimental effects on concentration, overall health, and personal relationships.

Your body
1. Water is a great cooling agent – both externally and internally. A cool shower before bed can help and always remember to stay well hydrated. Aim to drink two litres of water or other liquids but avoid alcohol and caffeine where possible.
2. Ever get nocturnal leg cramp? It apparently affects 13 million British adults and dehydration is believed to be one of the main causes. See point one, and if you’re still suffering try Crampex tablets which help to both treat and prevent muscle cramp at night.
3. Some people find fine mist sprays super helpful, we love the Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray and the Evian Facial Spray.

Your bedroom
1. Prevent heat build-up in your bedroom throughout the day.  Keep curtains and blinds shut during the day, while at night open your windows and allow air to circulate (unless it is hotter outside than inside).
2. Use a fan to circulate the air around your room.
3. It seems obvious, but wear lighter sleep wear (or none!) to ensure you don’t overheat during the night
4. The duvet you use during the winter is likely to be too heavy in this weather – use a cotton sheet or light duvet instead.
5. If you are sleeping with windows or balcony doors open, you may unfortunately experience insect or mosquito bites. Something like Anthisan Bite and Sting Cream can help to relive the itch and inflammation.
6. Keep a glass of water by your bed and take sips if you wake up during the night.
Your health

1. When you sweat a lot, you lose not just water, but also electrolytes. This can be dangerous, so ensure you top them up. Coconut water is nature’s electrolyte replacement drink or try Dioralyte which replaces electrolytes and treats dehydration.
2. It sounds obvious, but avoid excessive sun exposure. And WEAR SUN CREAM. Sunburn dehydrates you further, not to mention makes you feel hot and uncomfortable.
3. While no one is suggesting you stop exercising – ensure you take extra care to rehydrate, and stay in the shade if exercising outside, or ask your gym to turn the air-conditioning on in your class.
If you still struggle to sleep, put some drops of drowsy lavender oil on your pillow and consider a herbal remedy such as NiteHerb that can help and won’t leave you feeling groggy the next morning.

Have you got any tips on how to sleep better in the heat?

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  1. This is such a useful post, thankyou! I really struggle to sleep in this weather so I will definitely be trying some of these tips :D Thanks :) x

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