Sunday 19 July 2015

Event | The Body Shop #SummerEdit

A week or two ago me and a bunch of fellow bloggers/youtubers were invited down to the Seattle hotel down Brighton Marina by The Body Shop for their #SummerEdit Event to see their new and upcoming products as well as some of their latest releases. There are so many amazing new products coming out and it was so nice to be able to try them out and experience the direction TBS are taking the brand. Now as I haven't seen some of my best blogging girls in a while I was busy catching up and testing products that I am a little light on photos of the actual event. At the end of the night we were graced with a goodie bag so I will probably have a post up at a later date about that. It was an amazing evening filled with amazing food (quite possibly the best chips I have ever tasted!!), beauty chat with my fellow ladies, the lovely Body Shop ladies and the experts they had there, beautiful scenery and of course gorgeous products.

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