Saturday 17 November 2012

Jimmy Choo Perfume Review

Jimmy Choo 40ml EDT

Hello Lovelies, From the picture above and the title of this post you can probably tell this is a little review on one of my favourite fragrances at the moment, Jimmy Choo.

As you may by know I work in Duty Free at Gatwick so I get a chance to smell a lot of new perfumes and when this perfume was released I loved it instantly.
I love very sweet perfumes. Anything that smells like sweets or fruit is a favourite of mine.

The Notes

Green Notes & Pear Nectar

Sweet Orange & Tiger Orchid

Toffee & Indonesian Patchouli

So as you can tell from the notes this is a very sweet perfume. If you look anywhere for its description you will see the word 'sweet' pop up everywhere. I don't actually think there is many other words to describe it.
The bottle is just stunning. Its like no other I have come across before and it really does give a luxurious feel to my perfume collection.


This fragrance is available in Eau De Toilette & Eau De Parfum.
The sizes available are 40ml, 60ml & 100ml.
It is available from The Perfume Shop and many other retailers.

Have you tried this perfume before? What is your favourite perfume?

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5 lovelies have something to say:

  1. This sounds very nice! I will have to give it a try because I love sweet perfumes too :)

    Ellie @ Ellalogy 

  2. Sounds like a lovely perfume! If you like sweet perfumes you might like the Chloe one :)

    1. I have smelt the Chloe one before and loved it! :) xx


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