Sunday 7 October 2012

Gucci Première Review

Hello Lovelies...

Today I am going to review the newest collection to the Gucci fragrance range: Gucci Première. I purchased this fragrance a couple of months back in July and have been in love with it ever since.

“Première will be the female counterpart to the male Gucci by Gucci,” 
- Luigi Feola, Vice President of Procter & Gamble Prestige.

Referring to this quote is why I guess the design of the bottle is very similar to Gucci by Gucci for men just replaced with a shiny gold finish. It's not quite so opaque that you can't see the liquid inside yet annoyingly still leaves fingerprints on the bottle. I love that even with it just sitting on my perfume tray I feel all elegant and posh ha.

It is made up of the following:-
Top Notes: Bergamot & Orange Blossom
Heart Notes: White Flowers & Musk
Base Notes: Leather & Wood

This isn't a usual fragrance for me as I prefer quite light & fruity fragrances such as Juicy Couture & Boss Orange. But it definitely works as a night time/going out fragrance of mine and that's exactly when I've been wearing it.

The face of the fragrance is the ever so beautiful Blake Lively. Just like many advertisements for fragrances at the moment she stars as a glamorous girl in a couture dress staring out of a window of a building which resembles the bottle of the fragrance with a cracking soundtrack behind her.

It is available in 30ml (£44.50), 50ml (£63.50) and 75ml (£76.50). You can purchase it from The Fragrance Shop (link). I know it's quite a pricey fragrance but it is well worth it. Plus it does come in handy that I work in Duty Free at Gatwick so I get it tax free!

Have you tried this fragrance? What are your thoughts on it?

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  1. Sounds like a lovely night time perfume, i like the packaging. Perfumes make fab presents too!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Aw I love this scent! Although I am on a perfume ban at the moment because I have too much already lol.
    Thanks for linking up on Followers to Friends blog hop! I hope you met lots of new bloggy friends :)
    I have followed you back!
    Sylvia @

  3. stopping by from the followers to friends blog hop! i'm your 300th follower..yiipiiiii! Go u


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