Wednesday 12 August 2015

Wishlist | Kiko Rebel Romantic Collection

Kiko Milano recently released their latest collection Rebel Romantic and as I've been impressed with their past collections I just know I will love this one just as much. If you're unaware of who Kiko Milano are (which I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of them) they started in 1997 and are a Italian professional cosmetics brand. They produce high quality products but at affordable prices which is what I love most about them. So in todays post I thought I would share with you a few things I'm looking forward to getting my hands on from the Rebel Romantic Collection. 

Perfecting Bronzer - £12.90
A bronzer paired with a perfecting powder intrigued me, alongside the incredibly beautiful rose gold packaging I will definitely be purchasing this.

Glowing Potion Perfecting Serum - £13.90
The websites description is 'a perfecting face serum with hyaluronic acid and this may possibly be just a serum like all the others but something inside me is screaming out to buy it.

Metallic Shine Eye Shadow - £6.90
Eye shadows and eye shadow palettes are what I probably hoard the most. I can't help but to want every colour under the sun although I don't have the confidence to carry most of them off. So these creamy powder eye shadows with a metallic finish sound like just my thing and are available in six shades.

Rebel Bouncy Blush - £9.90
The name alone intrigues me enough to go out and buy these but the description confirms my need for these beauties. A blush with a new sensory aspect and a satin matte finish available in four shades... yes please!!

Have you purchased anything from this collection yet?

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