Sunday 23 June 2013

Guest Post: LWBloggers

Blog Post Feature: Sport Luxe

The thought of roaming the streets of London dressed as a basket/baseball player never seemed to appeal to us. The likes of Isabel Marant and Marc Jacobs however, introduced a fresh new wave of sport luxe that intertwined pure androgyny with classic femininity. Perusing through magazines and blogs envisioned us with new takes on gym class dressing. The integration of baggy Troy Bolton-esque sweatshirts and classic peep-toe courts opened our eyes to a world were work wear was interlaced with evening gym classes. What could possibly be more convenient? 

Take this oversized baseball jacket, for example; something we certainly wouldn’t consider to echo femininity and classic dressing, but combine with courts, or womanly wedged trainers, and any scent of masculinity has long been forgotten. Unless you’re advocating towards the let’s-play-basketball vibe (which we’re certainly not), erasing parts of boyishness has never been simpler. Still clinging on to your longstanding they-sit-at-the-back-of-my-wardrobe tracksuit bottoms? Ever thought of giving them a wash (a must) and piecing them with black patent courts? Bloggers and editors alike are embracing the gym-wear-as-outerwear trend. (Top secret: it’s right on trend) Shh.

Shopping trips now heavily result in a private sneak at what the sports aisle and men’s section has to offer. No, we don’t take Our Father or boyfriends, or Granddad, we simply peruse the aisles for our own satisfaction.

Although androgyny is taking the fashion world by storm this season (see Balenciaga and Dolce and Gabbana), fresh floral envisions that shy away from sweaty basket ballers (no offence if that’s your kind of game) evoke new tangs whereby flowers can become part of your gym kit. No doubt will we always name ourselves fans of the style that coheres boyishness with pure femininity, however this new idea whereby we can actually retain pretty floriated garments but still go for a lunch-time jog is a breath of fresh air. Literally.

Forget the haunted primary school P.E lessons and delve into a world were jogging, work and drinks attire become one. Okay, so if you can’t, or won’t, wear wedged trainers to work then just take some spare courts in your bag for later. Simple. Get your game on.

Be sure to check out their blog over at LW.

Thanks girls for being my first ever Guest Bloggers!

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