Wednesday 1 August 2012

July Favourites

Well here we are beginning of August, past half way through the year. Where is time going?? I feel like 2012 has flown by already. Sorry I've been away the past couple of days had a hectic week with my best friends wedding and my other best friends baby shower. But I'm back with a quick little post on my July favourites.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
What can I say about this foundation that you probably haven't all heard already. Well I love it. I have been searching for months for the perfect foundation and failed. Everything from MAC to Benefit, nothing suited my skin. Until I found this little beauty. For £9 a bottle I don't think it's too shabby and it does exactly what it says on the tin, it brightens my skin and makes me look awake. Just what I need for my skin when I start work at 5AM!!

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
I looked high and low for this stuff months ago when it was big in the beauty blog world but failed miserably until this month when I found out my local Asda actually sell the range so I picked up the gentle skin cleanser to try out. OMG I love this stuff. It has helped my skin so much with it's dryness problems. Cannot recommend this stuff more to anyone suffering with dry skin!

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette
I have used this palette everyday for my eyeshadow throughout July. In my job as strange as it sounds I work around makeup so I feel I have to at least look like I can do my own makeup before advising others with theirs. So as I have to be up at 2.30AM I like something easy and simple for my makeup (as usually I'm half asleep when applying it) and this is perfect. I sometimes use 2 colours but most commonly just use 1 all over the lid.

Color Club 'Eiffel Tower Power'
This has been my staple colour for my nails this month. It's a simple pale pink/nude colour. Only downside to it is you need about 5/6 coats to make it a completely solid colour. But if your looking for a pink/nude then I purchased this from ebay from Beautyzone2007 for a lovely cheap price of £3 (including p&p) They are a lovely seller and very fast delivery considering it comes from the US. They also sell O.P.I, China Glaze & Essie plus loads more.

London 2012 Olympic Games
Obviously I couldn't do a July favourites without putting in the obvious. I have been glued to the olympic games since the opening ceremony. Something about these events that make me very patriotic so I love sitting there shouting at my tv cheering on Team GB. From diving to rowing, swimming to the gymnastics I love watching it all. Can't wait for Tom Daley to appear back on my tv as I have a little crush on him and also for the Athletics to start.

Instagram App
If you've read previous posts your see that I love Instagram. Doesn't everyone though? Ha There's something strangely fun about posting pictures of my life and looking at other peoples pictures and their lives. If you want to follow me there's a widget to the right on my blog and also a link below!

What have you been enjoying in July??

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  1. I love that Cetaphil cleanser! Leaves my skin feeling so soft! X

  2. I am a new follower and have nominated you for a Liebster award. Check out my blog for the details!

  3. i love that mua palette so much! amazing value for money! x

  4. That nail polish color looks gorgeous! I am a new follower of your blog. :)

    -♡ Valerie Angel
    Check out and follow my blog for beauty and fashion updates!

  5. I have been wanting to try the Rimmel foundation but I have been hearing mixed reviews. Does it add shimmer to your face?

  6. Thanks for following me :) I love when people find me so I can find new people to follow. Everyone keeps talking about MUA make up and I still have never tried a single product, definitely think I need to get on this!x

  7. Hi, thanks for following me, your blog is cute :)

    I love the rimmel foundation and omg ive been glued to the olympics too, makes me feel proud to be British!


  8. Great blog from a new follower :)


  9. Thank you so much for all your nice words about my blog.

    @Stephanie It doesn't add glitter to your face but it has a dewy/sheen finish. Best foundation by far in my opinion.

    Thanks again for all following.

    Adele xx

  10. Planning on buying that foundation next, heard great things :)

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

  11. Haha I've heard oodles of great stuff about that foundation.

  12. I've heard such good things about the MUA palette! Definitely going to pick it up.

    Great post :)


  13. The rimmel wake me up has been one of my favs so far too! Its such a good highstreet foundation, love it! Followed, + thanks for the post hun X

  14. Great favorites! I'm also enjoying the Olympics (especially swimming but it's over now :/ ) so you just inspired me to add the Olympics to my August favorites haha. :) great blog you have here!

  15. Great favorites post, Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation has been a favorite of mine too :) and i've been meaning to try the MUA Heaven & Earth Palette :) looks fab!

    Just discovered your blog and i'm your newest follower, hope you'll stop by and check out my blog too :)



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