Saturday 13 June 2015

Haul | Makeup Revolution

If you haven't heard of Makeup Revolution by now where have you been? They took the beauty world by storm over a year ago with their amazing products for such low prices. So the other week I placed an order and wanted to show you what I got...

A rundown of what I purchased...

- Ultra Blush & Contour Palette 'Hot Spice'
- Ultra Cover & Conceal Palette 'Light/Medium'
- I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Blusher 'Blushing Heart'
- I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Highlighter 'Goddess Of Love'
- Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer '01 Fairest'
- Amazing Lipstick 'Depraved'
- Amazing Lipstick 'Dare'
- Amazing Lipstick 'Rebel With A Cause'
- Amazing Lipstick 'Flashing'
- Amazing Lipstick 'Enchant'
- Amazing Lipstick 'Crime'
- Amazing Lipstick 'Sweetheart'
- Iconic Pro Lipstick 'Blindfolded'
- Iconic Pro Lipstick 'Game Of Mystery Matte'
- Iconic Pro Lipstick 'Somewhere Out There'
- Iconic Pro Lipstick 'Duel'

All of these goodies are available from their website here and came to the grand total of £40.94 which I think you'll agree is an amazing deal considering you can't even buy 2 Mac foundations for that amount. And for the quality of the products it's most definitely my favourite cheaper/drugstore brand! Also I'll just mention that I can't wait to make my first order from their sister company Freedom Makeup.

If you would like to see an in depth review on any of the products above, let me know if the comments below!

Do you own anything from Makeup Revolution? What's your favourite product?

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