Monday 3 March 2014

February Favourite Blogs

Wow, this year already feels like it's flying by. It's already March and soon enough it will be summer (and my birthday!!!). I thought I would do another post on my favourite blogs to keep up with during the month of February.

First up is Laura over at Belles Boutique. I've been a long time follower of Laura and have loved her blog for what seems like years. It's so exciting to be following her pregnancy journey and can't wait to see her little man when he's born. Her photography is amazing and the content keeps me coming back for more everytime.

Next is Zoe NewLove. Again another blog with amazing photography, nice clear shots really draws me in and makes me really listen to what she has to write. I especially love her reviews. They are trustworthy and definitely make me want to add a few items to my future shopping list.

Finally is Adrienne aka the ever so popular The Sunday Girl. What I love most about her blog is her reviews (can you see a running theme on what I love about blogs here?). She puts so much detail into them and although very full of information it's not boring, which can sometimes happen with a lot of content!

So there are my favourite blogs that I loved reading during February. Be sure to go check them out and follow if you aren't already!

Who have you liked reading last month? Leave a comment so I can go check them out!!

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