Wednesday 21 August 2013

Wishlist | My Top Work Jewellery Picks

At my new job I have to wear all black as my uniform so to add that pop of colour I have to do it through jewellery and accessories. So I thought I would show you kind of a wishlist of a couple of items I've come across which would be perfect for me at work.

First is this bright pink statement necklace from Charmnest. Charmnest is a newer jewellery site which I have already purchased off and loved the things I received. This bright pink necklace is perfect as I love pink and it will help accessorize a plain black dress perfectly.
The next two items are from Forever21. I've only ever ordered from Forever21 once and that was for holiday bits but I always hear such amazing things about their jewellery. I chose this cute necklace which spells out Wish, Love & Dream which is not only cute but very inspirational. And then I found this cute cuff which has a gold bow on it and who doesn't love bows right?
Then this next item I've been eyeing up for some time. If I wear a bracelet it's usually a chunky variety or bangles so when I came across this dainty infinity bracelet from Delilah Dust I knew I had to have it. I think it's such a nice idea and think it gives off a nice message.
For rings I only ever constantly wear one and I got it in Greece in 2008 when I went on holiday with a friend. On nights out I love to wear big statement rings but obviously this isn't convenient for work. So to come to some mutual ground I found this 2 Pack of turquoise rings from H&M. They are so nice and are great to wear together or separately  One is a turquoise band and the other is decorated with a gold chain.
For earrings I like to stay quite small. I love big out there earrings but we aren't allowed to wear them at work so I opt for something glitzy instead. I love Tresor Paris jewellery and do already own a pair of their earrings so I've included the same pair but in a different colour.
Finally a hair product, and you may already be aware of these as they seem to be everywhere. These snag free hair bands from New Look seem to be the hit product at the moment. I know there is a brand called Popband which is where I've seen most people talking about these but they are hairbands that claim not to leave a kink in your hair and come in some adorable patterns/shades which you can wear on your wrist as a bracelet. Genius idea!

So there you have it, my top picks of jewellery for work. Let me know if you have any ideas for what I can jazz up a plain black outfit with by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Love the Infinity Bracelet! Really nice blog. I'm trying to work with dome different blogs at the moment. If you have time to take a peek that would be great. Also let me know if you wish to follow each other :) x


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