Monday 4 March 2013

Biotherm SKIN.ERGETIC Range

Biotherm SKIN.ERGETIC Anti Fatigue Day Cream - £30*
Biotherm SKIN.ERGETIC Anti Fatigue Night Cream - £30*
Biotherm SKIN.ERGETIC Concentrate Samples - Full Size £35*

I was contacted by the lovely girls from my Biotherm counter in my local Boots and asked if there were any products I would like to try out and review for them. Obviously I said yes as I have tried samples of Biotherm skincare before and loved it.
I chose to try the SKIN.ERGETIC range which is anti-fatigue concentrate and cream which helps to reduce the appearance and visible signs of fatigue and stress so that the skin will look and feel radiant.
There are three products available in this range with five fruit and vegetable extracts which are beneficial to your skin. This range is free of parabens, mineral oils and synthetic colorant.

SKIN.ERGETIC Concentrate - 50ml - £35*

The three main ingredients in this concentrate are- Broccoli, Soy Protein & Botanical cells from Apples. This stuff smells amazing and feels amazing when applied to the skin.
Biotherm have created this concentrate so that we are 100% sure it's fresh from the second we want to use it. The concentrate contains extracts of broccoli that have been freeze dried to a powder so that you mix the powder into the formula before it is ready to be used. This ensures that the concentrate will work to its full potential from the moment you start using it. It lasts for 3 months for the concentrate to work at it's potential  and you can even write the date you mixed and activated the formula on the bottle in the space provided.

SKIN.ERGETIC Day Cream - 50ml - £30*
SKIN.ERGETIC Night Cream - 50ml - £30*

The day cream is available in two formulas. A cream gel for normal/combination skin types and a rich cream for dry skin types. The ingredients in the day cream are- Botanicals cells from apples and soy protein, Lycopene from tomatoes, Polyphenols from grapes and pomegranates and Neohesperidins from Seville oranges. I have never tried a cream which not only feels amazing on my skin but omg the smell is to die for. It's one of those products that smells so good you want to physically eat it (even though I know it wouldn't taste good!). Applying this cream leaves your skin feeling plumped with moisture, features appearing rested and it's been tested on sensitive skin.

The night cream is only available in the one formula for all skin types. It created with five tea and seed extracts. The three main ingredients are extracts of tea and ruscus and a lipid extract from buckwheat wax. I never used to be one to use a night cream and thought it never really mattered but after using this for a couple of weeks, I definitely kick myself for not using a night cream sooner. Just like the day cream and concentrate this feels and smells amazing but the scent doesn't linger on the skin after applied which is something I always look for in creams/serums. Results upon waking is the skin appears more radiant and the facial features appear rested and smoother and I can definitely say this is true. Again it has been tested on sensitive skin.

After using all three of these products for a couple of weeks I can definitely see and feel a difference in my skin. I used to get quite dry skin on my cheeks and my t-zone and chin was more on the oily side but my skin feels so balanced and even since using these products and would definitely recommend you lot to at least try these products. See if you can get a sample from a counter to try these amazing products.

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