Friday 30 November 2012

Shopping Haul

Iphone 4/4S Case - £4 - Primark
This was very much a impulse buy as I grabbed it whilst in the queue. I love the studs on it, which is very much the trend at the moment. Its quite a tough case (I have dropped it already!) and I thought for Primark it was pretty good quality.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (True Ivory) - £5.49 - Superdrug
This was basically a repurchase of a staple product. I love this and the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. Last time I needed to buy a concealer I couldn't find my colour in this anywhere so I tried out the Maybelline Fit Me concealer which I will be reviewing soon. So happy to have this in my life again!!

Elegant Touch Totally Bare Nail Kit - £3.19 - Superdrug
I love wearing falsies for a special occasion or sometimes when I just want a change so I purchased the bare nails so I could paint them whatever colour I wanted. I bought these mainly for my work Christmas party but you do get 2/3 uses out of these packs so might try these out soon.

MUA Bronzed Perfection - £3 - Superdrug
I'm running really low on my MAC Refined Golden bronzer and as we're so close to Christmas I thought I would save some money and buy a cheaper bronzer. I've heard so many good reviews on this bronzer and at a bargain price of £3 I thought where can I go wrong? Can't wait to try it out!

MUA Nail Constellation (Gemini) - £3 - Superdrug
Now these have been probably the biggest rave product for the past couple of months in the beauty world and every time I went into my local Superdrug they were all sold out! So I left it a couple of weeks and finally they were in stock! I picked Gemini because I love the colours of the beads (and it was the star sign closest to mine!!) Can't wait to try this out and I'll try to get a post up about it.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine (Blackberry) - £3.99 - Superdrug
I already own the Blueberry colour and absolutely fell in love with it. I love the fact that you don't need a top coat with these polishes and they still last quite a while before they chip. The Blueberry colour I own is quite light so to help my transformation into winter I wanted a darker colour and I'm absolutely loving dark blues right now.

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  1. wow that case is from primark, great find! Would love to hear what you thought to the bronzer, I almost picked one up the other day but wasn't sure what it would be like x

    1. I know I was surprised to find the case in Primark!! I will definitely be doing a review on the bronzer! Thanks for visiting! xx

  2. I've seen that iPhone case on quite a few blogs, gorgeous!

    1. Oh really, I hadn't noticed it before! xx

  3. Love this blog - thanks for following me, I've followed back (: x

  4. new follower here.
    What a fun blog.
    I still need to get myself some Barry M hard in the US.


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